The housing market, like the weather, is cooling. However, regardless of the rising interest rate environment and uncertainty in the financial markets, we continue to see strength in our real estate market. Several of our recent listings sold over list price within days. Contact me directly for an updated market analysis.

At times like these, a successful home sale requires that we pull out all the stops and leverage the highest-performance marketing tools available.

Video is essential among these resources. We've discovered this in our experience producing high-quality videos for our clients. Accordingly, this month, I'd like to share a few of our team's insights.

2021 research by the National Association of Realtors corroborates our observations. The study shows that an average of 41% of home buyers incorporate video in their home searches and buying decisions, with the highest usage in mature age groups.

Video helps buyers experience your home remotely, conveniently, and safely. Additionally, a streaming visual helps create a narrative in the buyers' minds as they envision relaxing and living in the home.

Likewise, video conveys a tremendous amount of information about the quality and potential of a property as well as the lifestyle a beach home can offer. That knowledge and transparency facilitate the buyer's decision-making process and establishes trust and rapport.

An advantage to buyers and sellers, video opens the property to out-of-market buyers as well. On your part as a seller, video reduces the demand on you to accommodate numerous viewings. If it's a fit for the prospect, it will build excitement; if not, you'll automatically filter out non-ideal buyers.

You'll get more leads than just providing photos, and video enhances traction on social media and web platforms driven by algorithms that significantly favor video.

Going through the process of getting ready to film puts your home in the most pristine and marketable condition. We advise you on how to prepare and present your home and determine the optimal time of day and weather to shoot for the best lighting and 'Pop.'

To ramp up for your video, keep your home as clutter-free as possible, enabling prospective buyers to see the lines and feel the openness of the space. If you have the time and budget, quick cosmetic repairs will enhance curb appeal and make a solid first impression.

Our video production team has an abundance of experience, high-end equipment, and editing expertise to communicate that appeal and draw in qualified and motivated buyers.

To put your video in front of the most eyes, we harness organic and paid marketing, including:

● Social: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
● Web: Sotheby’s website features, MLS, YouTube, Lux home blogs, and more.
● Email: We share directly with our qualified buyer lists.

Here are two videos we recently produced to give you an idea of how we showcase properties and attract excited buyer prospects:

Sycamore Video Link (Under contract within days after multiple offers and sold $75k over list.)
Hampton Video Link (Under contract within days after multiple offers and sold $505k over list.)

Contact us for assistance with producing a video that puts your home's best foot forward.